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West Coast Employment Lawyers is open 24/7 and fully operational during the COVID-19 quarantine. We are available to serve all of our personal injury clients, as well as potential new clients. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Employment Law Firm in California

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Employment Law Firm in California


Everyone has the right to be treated fairly in the workplace. You should be paid the same as anyone else with your qualifications and experience. You should have the same opportunities for advancement. You should be given the same advice and counseling you need to make improvements in your work performance as others. To be cut off from these privileges or to be arbitrarily terminated because of your race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or status as a parent is against the law. It is unjust treatment, and you can do something about it.

Hiring an experienced discrimination lawyer is the best response to being fired, denied a promotion, or being subject to other adverse employment action.

If you believe you’re being treated differently because you are a person of color, a woman, or a member of a religious minority, the last thing you want to do is accuse your employer of discrimination without hiring an experienced discrimination attorney. Our experienced labor and employment attorneys will guide you through the entire legal process. Being known as a racist or sexist company is a public relations nightmare, and the corporation being charged may do everything in its power to deny, counter the charge, and undermine your credibility. That is why you must develop a concrete and workable legal strategy before you take any action against your employer.

Our California employment discrimination attorneys will help you put together your case, and help you pursue the lawsuit to obtain the justice you’re entitled to.

Here are a few of the many categories of unlawful employment discrimination recognized under the law:

  • Race Discrimination

    Racism is a serious and pervasive issue. Racists have adopted language, gestures, and actions that can be plausibly defended as being race-neutral. If you are a person who has been the target of racial slurs or racial bullying, then you have the right to seek legal help. If you were terminated, or you notice that you or your coworkers of a similar race were part of a recent round of layoffs, then you may have a discrimination suit based on racial discrimination. The bottom line is, you cannot be treated like less, receive fewer opportunities for advancement, or be terminated because of your race.

  • National Origin

    California has one of the largest and most diverse populations in the world. The state attracts talent from India, China, and other countries. The vast majority of Californian companies welcome such diversity. Unfortunately, some do not. If you were treated differently because of your national origin, you may have a case for employment discrimination.

  • Gender Discrimination

    Gender discrimination can arise in many ways. For example, pay inequality is a very large problem in corporate America. Many executives assume that their female employees will not press the matter, and so they offer them less in compensation for doing the same job as men. This is perhaps the most prevalent form of gender discrimination. Another for of gender discrimination is the degradation and humiliation of women in the workplace. Sexual harassment, sexist jokes, and other sexually charged forms of speech are often employed to frustrate and belittle women so that they are not taken seriously, cannot earn the trust and respect of colleagues, and cannot do their jobs in a safe and professional environment. If you have been subjected to such treatment, then you should consult with a gender discrimination lawyer.

  • Age Discrimination

    An employer is prohibited from discriminating against employees ages 40 and above. You cannot be denied a job on the sole basis of your age. Nor can you be terminated because of your age. You cannot be denied promotion or be subjected to mistreatment because of your age. If you are able to carry out the essential functions of your position, it is illegal for you to be denied the opportunity to do so because of your age.

  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination

    There are state and federal laws in place to protect LGBTQ individuals from discrimination. An employer cannot refuse you employment or terminate your employment because of your sexual orientation. You cannot be denied advancement based on your sexuality. It is unlawful for a company to allow an environment of harassment, intimidation, or discrimination to exist against members of the LGBTQ community. If you have experienced this kind of mistreatment, then you should contact an employment discrimination attorney.

  • Political Affiliation

    This has become more of a problem over the last decade or so. Our laws protect private sector employees against discrimination or harassment based on their political affiliations or speech. The reasonable expression of your political belief is a legally protected activity.

These are just some of the types of discrimination protected under the law. If you believe you have been discriminated, you should contact our discrimination attorneys immediately to discuss your case.

How do you prove you have been discriminated against? You can win your case with the help of our experienced discrimination lawyer if you do the following:

Keep Relevant Communications

Employers are not likely to be open and honest about their wrongdoings. It is important to preserve all emails, letters, voice messages, and text messages from your employer. They may prove to be crucial evidence in your case.

Compare Your Treatment With That Of Others

Unfair treatment can be identified in a number of ways. A mass layoff that affects only women indicates gender discrimination. There are other discriminatory actions that are much more subtle. For example, if you are African American and notice your manager continues to offer informal counseling and advice to your white colleagues but barely speaks a word to you, then this may be an indication of racial discrimination. Similarly, religious discrimination can occur if your boss is a Christian and invites only his Christian subordinates to lunch.

Discovery Documents

Our attorneys will immediately obtain your complete employment and pay records. This will allow us to review all documents related to the case and examine internal communications between your immediate superior, employer, and others. Other documents such as counseling forms and emails between the person who has discriminated against you and others can also be requested and examined.

These documents can help establish a pattern and timeline of discrimination. Our attorneys will assist you in proving your employer has been engaging in illegal and discriminatory behavior.

Contact a California Discrimination Attorney

You might be concerned about the expense of hiring a lawyer. Our skilled employment discrimination attorneys will represent you on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay anything unless and until we recover a settlement for you. If there is no recovery, you owe nothing.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, reach out to our legal team 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-247-9235 or emailing

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